Group photo of bisexuals at Seattle Pride

Yearly Drive Information: 


Each year SBWNN asks for funds to assist us with fees for the Seattle Pride Parade, our PrideFest Seattle Capitol Hill Booth, and for supplies like flags, buttons, t-shirts and more!  We'll be setting up a new fundraising platform for the 2019 Pride Fundraising soon.  Until then, we always accept cash donations at all of our events!

*Seattle Bisexual Women's  and Nonbinary People's Network is not a for profit organization.  All funds received will be used for the group's fees, upkeep, events, and supplies.  Seattle Bisexual Women's  and Nonbinary People's Network is not a registered non-profit organization.  Donations made to SBWNN are not tax deductible.

SBWNN Donations Welcome!

Why Visibility Matters:

The Seattle Bisexual Women's and Nonbinary People's Network, and our invited partners BiNet Seattle, have been the only bi+ contingent in the Seattle Pride Parade for several years. 

Bi, pan, and all nonmonosexuals face invisibility, isolation and invalidation by those who deny our very existence, in both the straight and even gay communities. This is likely one of the reasons that bisexuals have an alarming rate of depression, suicide and experience the highest rates of sexual violence as compared to most monosexuals. 


Thank you for considering our organization for donations.  Please check back at the beginning of the year for links to our new fundraising event.  To donate sooner, please contact us directly by e-mail. 


Thank you!